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Will ChatGPT Replace Content Writers?

Are you also asking if ChatGPT will replace content writers? Good question!

But, that’s even if you already know about ChatGPT. In case you’ve not heard, we’re going to start off with what ChatGPT is. 

Let’s dive in. 

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a product of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It receives questions and answers them in a conversational manner as humans would. 

Users have testified of its amazing ability to respond just like a human being when questioned. It is thoughtful, smart and sharp. That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

There’s more. 

This technology is disruptive. Also, it’s the first of its kind.

Subsequently, its outstanding features are mind-blowing. Nothing like it ever existed. 

Furthermore, it will change the future of work, information processes, communication and interaction. 

Can you now see why recent industry news kept having ChatGPT reigning in their content?

Right now, we’ll proceed to examine how ChatGPT works and how it’s built. 

How ChatGPT Is Built To Work

ChatGPT functions as a large language model chatbot. Built upon the foundation of GPT 3.5, its ability to effectively dialogue and interact is highly remarkable. 

The large language model acts as a predictive tool used to determine the next fitting texts in a series of sentences. 

With Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF), ChatGPT was programmed to follow orders and produce accurate responses that satisfy human expectations. 

Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback is a system that teaches the AI to know what humans require in response to questions. 

With all these in mind, our next section focuses on what ChatGPT can do.

ChatGPT, unlike other chatbots, has efficient uses. The primary thing about it is that it can answer any question you ask it.

9 Things ChatGPT Can Do

Hence, we’ve put together 9 things this conversational artificial intelligence chatbot can do for you.

  1. Write A Customized Resume and Cover Letter

With ChatGPT, it is quite easy to come up with your cover letter and resume. It will help reduce the stress of having to create a new resume and cover letter whenever you want to apply for a new job.

  1. Create Original Jokes

ChatGPT will help comedians and jesters come up with fresh, funny and comic content they need. As a result, they won’t need to rack their brains for content ideas in that regard.

  1. Explain Complex Topics

Ask ChatGPT any complex question and it will supply you with answers within seconds.

  1. Create Music Lyrics

Are you a lyrics writer or a musician? You need to see how ChatGPT creates original lyrical content. It could just help you serve one or more purposes in your music field.

  1. Write And Debug Codes

Whether you code or you’re new to coding and just learning, reaching out to ChatGPT can save you the headache of certain bugs you might come across in your coding profession.

  1. Create Content And Essays

With the help of ChatGPT, essay and content writing are less difficult. It will create essays for you on different topics and even complex ones.

  1. Translate Content In Different Languages

ChatGPT helps with translating content from one language to another.  It is fast and accurate. 

  1. Solve Complex Math 

Complex Mathematics can now be dissolved with the Open AI Chatbot – ChatGPT! All you’d need to do is to input your questions and it’ll deliver solutions with explanations to you in a short time.

  1. Offer Relationship Tips

Since the ChatGPT only needs to get your questions and provide you answers, some people have tested its ability on relationship issues by asking it what to do in various relationship issues. 

Guess what? The results have been mind-numbing!

All in all, note that the AI might occasionally generate wrong information, and produce incorrect responses as knowledge evolves over time.

However, it is obvious that it will significantly affect various industries. Fields of digital marketing, content writing, and customer service, just to mention a few, are not left out.

Right now, follow on as we answer the question our article poses in the subsequent subheading below.

ChatGPT And The Future Of Content Writing

Content writers are somewhat scared now, right? If you’re a content writer reading this don’t get afraid. 

It’s important to know the role content writers play in several industries where they’re needed. Truth is, whilst the AI can function to create essays, write content and come up with responses in dialogue forms just like a human, ChatGPT cannot replace content writers. 

Before the advent of ChatGPT AI came the development of AI writing tools and softwares. Like wildfire, the fear that content writers will be irrelevant too got into the air. But the result? 

Several industry experts want original content created by humans. Why?

Only humans have the ability to consistently navigate through various niches and understand the unique brand tones of the companies they work for. But, AI cannot do that, no matter how intelligent and powerful it might seem. 

Therefore, the following roles of content writers, which go beyond just writing include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Content Production
  • Creative Content Creation 

Content writers basically need to understand the target audience of brands or companies they write for, as well as the brand voice unique to them. 

Other vital functions of content writers include researching keywords, strategic content delivery, and producing a series of content to serve well-defined purposes. 

Content writers go the extra mile in optimising content for search engines and human audiences. 

That said, our last thoughtful subheading will be how ChatGPT will then impact content writing.

How Will ChatGPT Impact Content Writing?

With ChatGPT, it is important to note that certain content writing roles can be handled. However, many of the technical services of content writers will be much more needed than ever.

In other words, editorial activities on AI-generated content will increase. Content writers will be responsible to ensure that content produced by ChatGPT serves the intended purpose. Hence, ChatGPT cannot replace content writers.

While some industries might heavily rely on the use of ChatGPT AI, it is important to recognize that it is a programmed application. Hence, it can come up with stupid, dangerous and harmful information in a yet eloquent manner, as a parrot (not a normal human being) would. 

Consequently, clarifications, fact comparisons, and verification with the latest news updates are important when using the ChatGPT AI.

In conclusion, ChatGPT AI is no doubt a thrilling innovation that will bring about a revolution in different industries and business organisations. 

Everyone – employers and employees – eagerly expect to see how the writing industry will be transformed with the advent of disruptive technology and revolutionary AI – ChatGPT. 

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