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About BendingWaters

BendingWaters is an agile, innovative marketing services company that combines marketing and technology to deliver hybrid marketing solutions to businesses in Nigeria and the Middle East. We offer a wide range of services, including email marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, paid search, display advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, video advertising, OOH, TV and radio marketing.

Let us help you launch your vision

The problems we solve

We solve growth problems for start up founders and business owners.

We are a marketing and strategy firm that helps organizations align their growth goals across digital and traditional marketing channels. We specialize in omni-channel marketing and have been recognized as market leaders since our establishment in 2018, having worked on effective award-winning campaigns across Dubai and globally. 

The BendingWaters way

How is our approach distinct from what the business world is accustomed to?

This is us

Where passion meets purpose. We consider ourselves fighters and strong believers in Growing businesses.

We don’t just offer support – we become your growth partner. Your dedicated strategist leading a team of specialists crafting personalized, data-driven campaigns that conquer every marketing challenge. From social media dominance to seamless customer journeys, we’ll rewrite your growth story.

Revenue Assurance

Results Measured by Precise Performance and Revenue-Driven Metrics

Tailored Marketing Strategy

Agile Teams of Experts from Different Workflow Verticals

Customer First Approach

Constant Iteration and Collaboration Lead ti Deliverables You Are Excited About

Tired of ineffective marketing strategies? Bendingwaters can help. Our data-driven approach optimizes your online presence for maximum conversions and sales. Partner with us to see real results.

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