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Introducing Bending Waters

Bending Waters Introduction

Welcome to BendingWaters – here we teach you important things you need – To START and GROW your business. 

You’ll enjoy this! Stay tuned.

There are two brothers, and both of them have the intention to start and grow a business. Being brothers, they started out with the intention to build the business together as one. 

But, shortly before the process started, a fight came in between both of them. Sadly, they discarded the plans to build the business, parted ways and went off, vowing to start different businesses. 

Both brothers were way different from each other. While one had enough capital, the other didn’t, and while one had enough business intelligence, the other didn’t. But, they’ve parted ways. And the other with entrepreneurial intelligence seems to be on the upper side of his game than the other with enough capital, but not with business intelligence and a marketing perspective. 

After a while, the brother with enough money has spent all his investments without getting ahead in his business. On the other hand, the other with several business tactics and skills, managed his business with great sense and gradually he was growing his small business to massive growth. Within 3 years, he was already planning on expanding, and even going much more digital about his business.

However, the brother with enough capital had gone zero, trying to find his feet, and thinking of closing down his business. 

What do you think went wrong?

The point here is, starting and growing a business is not just about having enough capital. 

What’s the point of the brother that excelled? He had a background in business schools. In fact, why he didn’t have enough capital was tied to his investments in entrepreneurial studies. 

On the other hand, the rich brother had no business knowledge. He’s been working all his life and he has enough money, not enough knowledge, skills and information to sustain his business. 

When both decided to start business together, the result would have been massive if they both did eventually. 

It’d have been a great turn out for both brothers. The one with the business knowledge, would stand like a school for the other one without. 

In other words, you need to learn in a school of business for you to thrive in your business. 

That’s where BendingWaters comes in. 

At BendingWaters, we’re on a mission to democratize entrepreneurial education by building one of the largest online schools for entrepreneurs.

We’ve studied some of the greatest founders of our generation to discover how they did it so you can too.

We like to tell the stories that inspire, but beyond the stories, we want to explain how businesses were built and find the inspiration in the process that was followed.

In our discoveries,

We’ve identified that so many entrepreneurs struggle to move from ideas to implementation.

We saw that many businesses start in Nigeria, but to grow becomes an uphill task. Many entrepreneurs lack the business management skills to keep their establishments lively and growing.

The Entrepreneurship Community needs to be strengthened. There must be enough community backing that will help businesses network their way to learn, grow, improve, and adopt relevant working strategies in their modern world today.  

In a bid to solve these problems, we have decided to provide:

  • Our free workbook on – 5 Things you need to Do to Starting a new Business

  • FREE Marketing framework on moving from ZERO to 1

  • FREE entrepreneurship learning education

  • FREE marketing services coaching

  • FREE webinar registraions

We’re giving all of these up for FREE so that you can learn and understand all that it takes to START and GROW your business. 

Remember, on Bending Waters Hub – we teach you all you need – To START and GROW your business. 

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