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Benefits Of Volunteering You Should Know


Are you aware of the amazing benefits of volunteering? Or are you just coming across it for the first time? Probably you’ve heard it used a couple of times and you’re not just sure what exactly it entails. Then, this article is a must-read for you. 

This article brings full details on what it means to volunteer and the benefits of volunteering. Let’s get started answering the question below. 

What Is Volunteering?

Volunteering simply means spending quality time and effort to contribute to the growth, progress or advancement of the course of an organization, business or company. 

It is usually with the aim to get experience, use one’s skill and be proficient not just in words, but in deeds. Hence, it is usually not for financial gain. It is rather an opportunity to use one’s skills and abilities. One gets trained in the process, and gets precise knowledge, and experience. 

What Are the Main Benefits of Volunteering?

Benefits of volunteering are numerous. The fact that one gets training and experience without having to pay for it is beautiful. 

In addition, it’s a great way to get yourself ready for job when the time comes. Especially, as a student, you get to gather experiences and acquire basic employability skills you need to get hired in the labour market. 

What’s more?

Amongst several other benefits of volunteering, below is a list of benefits of volunteering we’ve listed in this article for you.

1. Volunteering helps you make a difference in the lives of others

2. It improves you self-esteem, confidence and state of mind

3. You gain valuable work experience when you volunteer

4. You use your skills to help a community or business

5. Learn new skills, training, and develop expertise

6. Meet new people from varied backgrounds

7. Be a team player and collaborate

8. Contribute ideas and values

Now that you’ve learnt about the meaning and benefits of volunteering, would you like to volunteer? 

At Bending Waters, we currently are embarking on a mission to train and prepare students across Nigerian universities to get ready for the future of work and be employable. Consequently, we shall delve into how we do that and how you can participate. 

Volunteer As Campus Ambassador For Bending Waters Growth School

The Bending Waters Growth school is Bending Waters initiative to train students across Nigeria and get them ready for employment.

Hence, we need willing students of the universities to stand as campus ambassadors for our events and trainings we would be having at specified times in their respective institutions. 

The next subheading gives further insight into the criteria and benefits of volunteering as campus ambassador for Bending Waters in your institution. 

Criteria For Selection Of Campus Ambassadors

If you want to participate as Bending Waters Growth School Campus ambassador, follow these criteria

You must be an undergraduate student of any Nigerian University

You must be in your penultimate or final  year

Be passionate about entrepreneurship and career development 

Register today

At this point, the next subheading will focus on the benefits of volunteering as campus ambassador for Bending Waters Growth School 

Benefits Of Volunteering As Campus Ambassadors At Bending Waters Growth School

If you would be volunteering as a campus ambassador at Bending Waters Growth School Program which would kickstart soon, find below the benefits of volunteering or rewards if you’re selected. 

-You’d get an opportunity to intern and learn digital skills

-Free CV and interview prepping

-Certificate of Recognition

Register here.

In conclusion, benefits of volunteering should be taught and explained across secondary schools, and even on campuses. Acquiring your first degree without the knowledge of what it takes to survive the harsh conditions of work and employability is incomplete. 

Get basic skills needed for employability and the experiences employers love to see on CV pages. Begin at Bending Waters.

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