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BendingWaters Portfolio

Some of the websites we have been privileged to build, to show our expertice in different areas of web development services. See footer for other clientele.

Trendswatch.co - News Update Platform

We recently partnered with Trendswatch to create their dynamic new website

We collaborated with Trendswatch.co to build a website focused on exceptional user experience. The intuitive navigation, clear content structure, and responsive design ensure seamless access to their valuable trend analysis resources across all devices.

PFI - Lead Generation

Lead Magnet Development: Co-created compelling offers for PFI

Bending Waters partnered with iampraisefowowe.com, a vibrant platform dedicated to empowering and inspiring audiences with faith-based messages, articles, and events. With a rapidly growing digital presence, iampraisefowowe.com sought to engage an even wider community through an optimized lead generation strategy.

ama-zumagroup.com - B2B Website

Intuitive Website Design for Ama-Zuma Group

Bending Waters developed the comprehensive website for Ama-Zuma Group, a leading Nigerian conglomerate. The site combines a sleek design with intuitive navigation, delivering a seamless user experience for Ama-Zuma’s diverse clientele.

Water House AI - B2B Website

WaterHouse Analytics: Unlocking Data-Driven Insights for African Businesses

Bending Waters proudly collaborated with WaterHouse Analytics, a pioneering data analytics company specializing in the African market. WaterHouse Analytics is transforming decision-making across various industries by extracting actionable insights from complex datasets.

Study Bridge Advisory - B2B Website

Backing Exceptional Nigerians to Get Into IVY-League Schools

Study Bridge Advisory empowers Nigerian students to achieve their academic dreams, opening doors to top universities in the UK, USA, Australia, and Ireland. Our team of expert advisors guides students through every step of the journey, from program selection to visa acquisition, ensuring success both abroad and back home.

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